Great Software with Great People

Abacus Tech has a slogan: 'Great software is made by great people'. Great software is only as good as the people behind it. That's why when you join Abacus Tech, we promise to make you and all Abacus Tech employees happy, to enable you to create great software and to support you when you face challenges. Our goal is to create a great environment for a positive, successful and happy life.
We also support our developers by providing qualified mentoring, encouraging professional development and championing open source projects and certifications. Helping our people stay engaged is an integral part of the success of the software we build. Our strategy focuses on recruiting, training, retaining and developing our people. Based on each developer's track record, we advise them on how to advance their careers and suggest specific qualifications and projects they should pursue. We spend a great deal of time and effort honing the skills of our best developers, so our talent selection process is very rigorous. We look for people who have expertise in niche areas and have qualities we value highly. We look for excellent character, including integrity, honesty, courtesy and responsibility. We also seek professionalism, excellent language skills and in-depth applied knowledge. Our recruitment process is meritocratic, giving you the opportunity to get to know who we are, what we offer and what we expect from you.
Out of all applications we receive worldwide

Only the top 5% meet the high standards and are eligible to join ABACUS TECH teams

Do you think you have what it takes to be in the 5%?

Our hiring process explained

Company introduction

Before we begin our testing, we dedicate some time to getting to know you better. You have the chance to tell us about yourself, your career expectations, long-term and short-term plans, and any potential concerns. We introduce ABACUS TECH, our service, and our values. This phase is primarily informal and serves to get to know each other better, so we have more relaxed conversations ahead.

Language and Personality

We begin the screening process, usually with an interview where we look for passion and how engaged you are in your work. The interview serves to check your English skills as well. During the interview, we try to determine personality traits and how your character can fit into our teams. We look for personal accountability, resourcefulness, and taking responsibility.

In-Depth Skill Review

This phase tests your technical knowledge and problem-solving. You must demonstrate high skill levels in your area of expertise to advance to the next step. We test each seniority level differently and adjust our questions and expectations accordingly.

Live Screening

During this phase, we set up live exercises to further check how you approach problem-solving, your understanding of the technology you will work with, and if you can understand the essence of a mock project. We also pay attention to communication, creativity, and functional knowledge

At this point, we finish the theoretical part of the screening process and proceed to test your practical knowledge on real-world projects.

Soft Start

Once you reach this stage, you will start working on real projects. Depending on the stage you are at, you will either be assigned to a small team, work on a specific software feature or start talking to our clients. We'll support you every step of the way and help you prove your ability, attention to detail, expertise and integrity.

TOP 5% Continued Excellence

Abacus Tech is a "people" oriented company and as such we strive for excellence in our field of expertise. However, our cooperation with our customers is not only about expertise in software development. Social skills, transparency and continuous improvement are what we need to be a reliable partner and long-term collaborator for our customers. Once you have learned and understood how ABACUS TECH works, prepared for certification, expanded your knowledge, built features and applications to contribute to the open source community and much more, you can start using all the resources at your disposal. There are many possibilities!

Our Developers Are at the Heart of What We Do

Abacus Tech follows agile principles to develop great software for our customers. But most importantly, it is our developers who are at the heart of everything we do as a company. We have a developer-friendly work environment where developers can do impactful work, knowing that ABACUS TECH supports them. You can expect this and much more from us when you join our team.