About the Client

The client asked Abacus Tech to build an online sports platform that connects, rewards and helps people around the world manage their sporting lives through mobile, web and live events. The flagship product is a mobile basketball app designed to connect grassroots players with professional teams, allowing them to organise games and find places to play.

Online Sports Platform Project Highlights

Cleaned out complex legacy systems with clean code. Successfully migrated to a modern cloud computing platform, significantly reducing the cost of the infrastructure supporting the online sports platform by 52%. Users around the world can now freely access the app, organise basketball activities, connect with other peers and manage their own profiles in seconds. Throughout the platform development process, we cultivated a robust DevOps methodology. ABACUS TECH developers built a scalable database with great flexibility and customisation options. We also included a scalable cloud migration solution and other great integration features.

The Objectives

As several teams developed the old online sports platform, IT had ballooned into several different systems, applications and redundant processes. In addition, these systems were fragmented and outdated due to lack of maintenance and the absence of established standard coding guidelines. More importantly, the client wanted to find a reliable cloud solution with excellent scalability of data usage, as it had recently experienced a significant increase in users worldwide. Abacus Tech was invited to participate in the full lifecycle of the core product development process and helped the client identify the following changes we should make
Analyses current infrastructure and proposes solutions for legacy system migration. Enhance IT systems while reducing operational costs and data usage. Simplify the development and deployment process of online sports platforms by adopting a DevOps approach. Provide greater flexibility for businesses to scale up easily and cost-effectively. Establish robust monitoring, data backup and disaster recovery strategies to reduce server downtime for sports platforms.

The Results & The Future

In just 7 months of working closely with the client, the results of this promising online sports platform have been impressive. The service is pay-as-you-go, the database is actively monitored and users can access the application from anywhere in the world in seconds. Applications are hosted on a secure and reliable cloud platform and data is encrypted and stored securely with automatic cloud backup storage. In addition, the AWS cloud infrastructure ensures proactive monitoring and management of data by providing additional protection against downtime. Customers now have a truly scalable, streamlined and integrated IT infrastructure that maximises performance while reducing costs with on-demand services. Now, with clear ambitious growth in mind, the client is ready to expand their business on a global scale. Abacus Tech will continue to be a reliable service partner for the next two years, managing the entire IT infrastructure and systems. This partnership will allow the client to focus on delivering best-in-class mobile applications to its customers and being an industry leader in supporting grassroots sports development.