Case Study:

How ABACUS TECH developers helped a large pharmacy company achieve digital transformation

AAt Abacus Tech, we believe it is our responsibility to think ahead for our customers. As software development specialists, we are often called upon to provide guidance, suggest development opportunities and advise on how best to utilise their technology. Our clients have witnessed how our approach has helped them expand and become industry leaders. Here are just a few examples of how we have achieved this.
The collaboration between Abacus Tech and our clients began in 2018. The client approached us with a unique and important challenge they wanted to overcome and trusted the developers at ABACUS TECH.
The client's system was old and needed a complete overhaul. However, the client also realised that most of its employees were already familiar with the old system and retraining them would be a considerable obstacle to their development.
When digitising the workflow, much of the user experience of the user interface needed to be maintained. It was very important to keep the customer-facing interface intact to avoid disrupting workflows and operations and hindering the transformation. As for the back-end, we use modern technologies such as Redis and ASP.NET Core.