Case Study:

Rebuilding A SaaS Platform For A Domestic Insurance Company

Client & Requirements

The client was an Australian financial insurance company. It had a SaaS-based management platform used by customers in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. However, the ageing system was seriously impacting business development due to an outdated user interface and long periods of wasted time waiting for a response from the system. The client approached us in 2018 to rebuild and upgrade their platform.


At the beginning of our cooperation, the client demanded a fixed price for front-end development. At the time, our engineers did not have sufficient knowledge of the client's business and existing systems and were stressed by the tight three-month schedule. However, high quality delivery was essential to build trust with the client. They put all their enthusiasm into the project and delivered on time. Encouraged by the positive feedback from the client's users, our members successfully completed four projects on schedule over the next seven months or so. Since then, the client has hired our developers full-time and transitioned to a permanent collaboration.


"We have been working with Leon and his team for several years and our experience has been very positive. The team is responsive, delivers high quality code and proactively provides feedback when there are opportunities to improve functionality. We have been impressed with the breadth of services they offer, from web design to mobile app development to test automation."

----- a Director from the insurance company

Continuous Learning

The ABACUS TECH 9 development team spent time and effort researching the business context and existing systems, rebuilding from the initial tasks. This has become a habit and has been maintained throughout the first two years of the partnership, enabling effective communication with customers, an accurate understanding of their needs, ensuring quality of delivery and adding value to their business.

Key Technical Upgrades

We rebuilt the old system to bring it in line with current business requirements: a more advanced combination of AWS, .Net Core and Angular was used instead of the original standalone server and PHP. To address the problems caused by slow loading, Single Page Application (SPA) technology was used, reducing load times by 30-40%. The existing user interface was researched and the visual interface and feature set was improved.

Security Strengthened

Due to the nature of your industry, we place a particular emphasis on data security and use auditing, hardening and scanning techniques to ensure the security performance of our cloud servers, ensuring that your data is always safe.

The Results

The partnership is now in its fifth year and a strong relationship of trust has been formed. The new platform is still only 80% complete, comprising seven sub-systems and two completely new systems for integration with third-party systems, but is already in widespread use, serving over 1,000 finance company users.