Direct e-commerce Services Support for Expansion into China
With the right tools, platform and human resources to help develop, upgrade and maintain the system, it is possible to enter the Chinese market successfully.
Cross-border eCommerce Service
The number of cross-border e-commerce cases in China is currently on the rise. The Chinese Government has decided to open its borders for international companies to do business locally and has introduced a number of laws and regulations to help realise this endeavour. Over the past few years, Abacus Tech has become a stable development partner for many well-known cross-border e-commerce companies. Abacus Tech developers have extensive experience in helping international clients establish their business in China. Abacus Tech developers have extensive experience in helping international clients establish businesses in China. We have successfully navigated through the various regulations affecting our clients' e-commerce businesses. We want to help more bricks-and-mortar businesses enter and successfully expand in the Chinese market. Here are some of the services we offer to help reduce risk, accelerate business expansion and ensure a smooth process to ensure your goods reach their destination safely.
Cross-border eCommerce Consulting
Cross-border e-commerce consultancy provides a thorough action plan with precise deliverables and a detailed implementation strategy. We explain the exact steps of the process, adapt it to your specific needs and requirements, and detail how we will integrate into your business and apply them to facilitate your success. We also take into account risk factors to ensure sustainable growth.
Offline Business Localisation Support
As a safety precaution, ABACUS TECH staff can assist you with the implementation of your offline shop. Staff from our nearest development centre can be on hand to supervise the implementation and ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. After launch, we also provide support and maintenance services for your offline and online systems to ensure smooth operation.
Mainstream eCommerce Platform Integration
We have successfully integrated many systems with leading e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Koala, Kuaishou and Lazada. We connect your company to the chosen platform according to an established plan and provide technical and training support. We focus on the integration and automation of sales, merchandise, marketing management, inventory management and budget management.
Mainstream Warehouse Platform Integration
We have partnered with Caidao, China's leading warehousing and logistics platform, to make it easy to set up inventory tracking and shipping tracking through their API. The API can be connected to your ERP system, enabling you to access key data from your overseas headquarters and track it in real time. Track and respond to changing market demands in real time, especially as demand increases.
POS System Development and Integration
We can develop a proprietary POS system that supports your business model by meeting Chinese consumer expectations and market best practices. Alternatively, we can integrate your infrastructure with a third-party POS system. Both options include self-collection, in-store solutions and integration with the "1210" imported drug retail model.
ERP System Development and Integration
We specialise in integrating your ERP with front-end POS, back-end warehouse logistics and payment gateways to provide you with mission-critical data about your customers. We simplify auditing by entering sales, product, inventory and financial data into your ERP. In addition, we complete automated customs clearance by matching three key customs declaration documents.
You can discuss each of the above sections of our cross-border eCommerce service with us to uncover the best fit for your business. Whether you require developing a dedicated ERP module or want to understand more about first-hand supply chain operations, simply contact us via the contact form below – we will be happy to share more of our insight!
Data Security and Compliance
Data security and compliance in cross-border e-commerce is a key regulatory requirement for companies wishing to do business in China. Embtec's experts actively track and implement the latest best practices in the field of cybersecurity. One of the most important aspects of data compliance relates to data collected from customer interactions. In China, regulations prohibit the use of accurate consumer data, such as government-issued ID cards and credit card numbers. The system we have developed is fully compliant with China's data regulation laws and no personal data is recorded. However, other data essential for informed business decision-making is recorded directly in the ERP system. In addition, almost instant analysis and stock updates are made from all connected systems, so you always know what you have in stock, no matter where your head office is located. This set-up enables real-time stock and product tracking and facilitates auditing.
Benefits of partnering with ABACUS TECH

International eCommerce experience

Experience in providing localised eCommerce solutions

Long-term maintenance and support

Cross-functional teams with T-shaped skillsets

Reliable partner for custom software development

Robust cross-border solutions fit for your needs