Rapidly Establishing your Business Processes

Our focus on user experience (UX) allows us to quickly prototype and iterate on your business processes and user flows. Our flexible design team delivers excellent results with firm deadlines, allowing you and your team to fully imagine your product and business processes.

What we do
Abacus Tech understands that prioritising the user experience from the start of a project is beneficial to the usability of the product. It is also beneficial to the business case. Implementing UX early in the product development cycle can reduce backtracking and wasted developer time, resulting in a more streamlined and focused product. Abacus Tech has many talented UX and UI designers who know how to improve a product and make it stand out from the competition.
How We Do User Experience and Prototyping
We guarantee that with our high dedication, we take our designs as seriously as we take our software development. We utilise the latest UX technologies and methodologies to ensure that we are able to design the best possible product and design it on budget and on time. In conjunction with this, we also have a robust UX pipeline so that we can move from wireframe to product with ease.

UX Director : Karl Simonson

"Software outsourcing presents a unique and interesting challenge in that it is one that allows our designers to work on many different products and see different aspects to a variety of different software types. We have found that this helps us to have a very deep understanding of producing beautiful, functional software on time and on budget."